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Bar Options

The bar- a very important aspect to an event!

Whether you choose to have your guests purchase their own beverages or have an unlimited bar, it’s up to you! We also offer combinations of the choices listed below. Staff on board will take and bring you your order. To view a detailed list of what beverages we offer on board, please click here.  and wine list.

Select from one of these options

Cash Bar Option:

A cash bar means that passengers purchase their own beverages on board with debit and credit payment option.

Host Bar Option: $18+Grats+HST per person

A Host bar means that passengers do not purchase their own beverages on board. Instead, the organizer(s) of the event is paying for everyone’s beverages. A per person DEPOSIT of $18+Grats+HST is paid prior to event. Post cruise final charges will be based on actual consumption amount- monies will either be owed or reimbursed.  

Host Non-Alcoholic Option:

A Host Non-Alcoholic bar means that passengers do not need to pay for non-alcoholic beverages on board since the organizer(s) is paying for these beverages. After your event we total the amount spent on non-alcoholic beverages to be paid post cruise.

Flat Fee Bar Package:

$8 + Grats + HST per person per hour

e.g. 2 hour cruise: $16 + Grats + HST

2.5 hour cruise: $20 + Grats + HST

A Flat Fee Bar means that passengers will not be required to purchase their own beverages during the cruise. Instead, a flat rate per person is calculated and paid prior to your event. Top shelf liquor is not included, however it can be added for an additional fee prior to the event.

Drink Ticket Option:

Regular drink ticket – $8.50+ Grats+HST per ticket (does not include top shelf liquor, tall cans, premium wine or cocktails).

Event organizer can pre-purchase regular drink tickets for their passengers that can be redeemed for beverages on board with the above-mentioned exceptions. One ticket = one beverage. 

Premium drink ticket – $9.50+ Grats+HST per ticket (can be redeemed for any beverage).

Event organizer can pre-purchase premium drink tickets for their passengers, which guests can redeem for beverages on board (single malt scotches are excluded). One ticket = one beverage.

If a passenger selects a non-alcoholic beverage when redeeming a drink ticket, it will be ripped in half. Therefore 2 non-alcoholic drinks for 1 drink ticket.

Drink tickets are a great option for organizers who wish to pay for some beverages but not all!

Combination Bar Option:

You can combine more than one option for your bar. An example: choose a Cash Bar for alcoholic beverages and a Host Non-Alcoholic Bar.


Can I bring beverages on board and what is a Corkage Fee?

We do not accept outside beverages on board since we are a liquor licensed premise however we have a Liquor Licensed Act R.S.O. 1980, C, 244- BYOB which means we allow commercially made wine onboard for a corkage fee of $18+ Grats+HST per 750mL bottle. This special license applies to wine only. A corkage fee is charged prior to the event or at the time of opening.  

How much are gratuities?

Pre-purchased beverages/options are subject to 17% gratuity.

Can I start a bar tab?

A bar tab allows individual passengers or groups of passengers to order drinks and not have to do a transaction each time. Payment of bar tab is to be paid before the end of your event. We absolutely allow bar tabs on board, let our staff know on board and they can help you out. If you wish to have only one tab for the entire event, we suggest the Host Bar option.