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Policy Procedures

We are excited to have you onboard- albeit with a couple of changes!

Our crew are ready for you to join us on your private charter, please note that there are Federal, Provincial and Municipal regulations that we must follow for safe operations so there will be elements of our sailing experience that have been altered for your safety. 

Click here for updated and detailed Government restrictions/bylaws.

Our top priority is your health and safety- we will have reduced capacity , physical distancing measures, and safety and sanitizing protocols in place.

There will be signage onboard and on the dock giving instruction to include but not limiting to; sanitizer stations, handwashing, washrooms , and lineups. All necessary walkways will be clearly marked, with directions as well as distancing reminders along pathways. Our staff will maintain proper PPE  and wear masks during the cruise. 

  • All transactions will be debit and credit only. 
  • We ask that you and your guests throw out of your own garbage. Receptables are setup on board for easy disposal which will help eliminate cross contamination. 
  • As per Ontario’s guidelines on music : Keep background music and any other background sounds no louder than the volume of normal conversation. As of now, dancing and singing are prohibited. 
  • Face coverings for all passengers ages 3 and up are mandatory on board. Exceptions for those who have respiratory issues or a disability that prohibits a face covering. However, please contact us as soon as possible if this is the case. We will have disposable face masks on board for purchase at a nominal cost
  • Where food and drink are served, guests must remain seated except to use the washroom, entering and exiting the area, or for the purposes of health and safety

Please make sure all passengers are self assessing prior to event. If you or any of your guests exhibit any COVID-19 symptoms while onboard, please let a staff member know immediately.