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Food Options

We offer 5 food choices to make in advance of your event;

  1. We offer 5 different individually packaged gourmet, delicious menu options for you to choose for your group. When it comes to menus, we have your taste buds covered! From our fresh ingredients, to the oven and into your hands, we are 100% HCAPP approved to ensure safe food and traceability. We are confident you will agree that we produce some of the best food Toronto has to offer- with a great view thrown in!
  2. Arranging your own outside certified caterer who will take care of the food for you. A certified caterer is a business that is routinely inspected by the health board (not homemade food) and can show a valid green pass certificate. Please note that caterers must cook off premise and brought on board maintain the correct food temperatures. All food must be ready to eat, prepackaged meals for you and your guests. Caterers must provide everything to do with food such as utensils, napkins etc. Our staff are not responsible for food service. A reminder that all beverages are served and sold by our staff only. There is a fee of $80 + HST which is applied towards garbage disposal costs.
  3. No food services. If you prefer to enjoy the views and spend time with family & friends without having a meal on board, this is your option. No outside food allowed, and no food options will be available for purchase on board.

As per Ontario’s guidelines on Food : Venues that serve food and drink must also comply with the regulations and guidance for restaurants, bars, etc. Indoor dining is currently not permitted. Where food and drink is served, guests must remain seated except to use the washroom, entering and exiting the area, or for the purposes of health and safety. Plated and/or pre-packaged meals are preferred. Communal and self-serve food services (e.g. buffets, passing of hors-d’oeuvres, fountain machines) are not permitted at this time.