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1) Where are the boats located?
  • All the boats are located downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
  • Click our MAP for a specific location of each boat.
2) What time are your cruises and how long are they?

Since our cruises are private we are flexible with times.
The most common times are:


Boarding 12:30 pm
Depart 1:00 pm
Return 4:00 pm
Disembark 4:30 pm

Boarding 6:30 pm
Depart 7:00 pm
Return 10:00 pm
Disembark 10:30 pm

Most cruises are based on 4 hours. Which means 3 hours on the water, plus a half-hour before and after for your boarding and disembarking. Cruises may be shortened or extended. Please contact our sales staff for pricing.

3) What are the capacities of your boats?
  • The Challenge accommodates up to 72 passengers.
  • The Obsession III accommodates up to 190 passengers and up to 120 people for a sit-down event.
  • The Kajama accommodates up to 225 passengers and up to 135 people for a sit-down event.
4) Can we cater the cruise ourselves?

You can obtain your own caterers to prepare your food on board. There is a per-person surcharge that will be applied when bringing your own caterers. Please contact our sales staff for the surcharge amount. Your food must be prepared by a certified caterer who is regularly inspected by the Health board. Your caterers must supply everything to do with the food when they cater, such as plates, utensils, serving utensils, staff to serve the food etc.

5) Is there a DJ on board?

There is a DJ included on private charters within your charter fee for all our vessels. Once you book, there is a music sheet to be filled out that helps us match your music needs to the selection provided. Any special do’s and don’ts should be explained on this sheet. Digital music is played on board and you are welcome to bring on any specific songs requested by USB. You may provide your own outside DJ if you so choose, however there is a mandatory fee for a Sound Technician to be on board. They will assist your DJ during setup and breakdown and troubleshoot any sound issues during your cruise.

6) What other entertainment can we have on board?

Our cruise coordinators are experienced in suggesting and organizing entertainment on board. Past examples are: Casinos, Karaoke, Magicians, Caricature Artists, Psychic Readers, Themes, Teambuilding, Musicians, and many more. Just about any idea you have in terms of entertainment can be fulfilled on board.

7) What do you need to book a cruise?

The most important details are to choose a date and boat and book immediately to secure both. We require a deposit to book the cruise. Challenge $1000, Kajama and Obsession $2000. A contract will be sent to you for your signature as well.

8) What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, cheque, email money, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, EFT, and wire transfers.

9) How to book using deal voucher FAQ
  1. Go to
  2. Go to Reservations and enter quantity of deal site vouchers purchased under adult,
    senior, child or infant.
  3. Click use gift certificate/promotional code and enter the Groupon Redemption Codes
    for each person including the dashes.
  4. One redemption code per line.
  5. Check red bar that appears to confirm all codes are valid before continuing with the
    steps below.
  6. Fill out your name, phone number and e-mail address. The total will refresh to just the
    tax, admin fee and service charge. Add payment (Make sure you fill these fields out
    before pressing submit or you will get an error). Enter your phone number.
  7. Press submit. DO NOT hit the back arrow at any time during the reservation process.
  8. Once your reservation is submitted, you will receive a confirmation email from our
    system. This is your ticket to get on board, not your Groupon/deal site voucher. You can
    either print off a copy of your email or show it on your smart phone at boarding.
10) What happens after the cruise is booked?

Three weeks before your event, one of our cruise coordinators will contact you to discuss all your details. If you wish to organize your details earlier or later please let us know. At that time they will help you choose a menu and bar option, as well as any customized or special details needed.

11) When is full payment needed?

Full payment is required one week prior to your cruise. Please read #8 for payment options.

12) Do you cruise rain or shine?

We cruise in all types of weather. We have canopies on the outside deck that are put up if there is rain. You can still be outside and have a great view even while it’s raining. All the boats also have rooms indoors that are fully enclosed.

13) Are the boats wheelchair accessible?

Each boat has different wheelchair accessibility. Please contact our sales staff for more information about a specific vessel.

14) Is smoking permitted?

Smoking is not permitted indoors at any time on any vessel. Smoking is permitted on the outside decks of the vessels.

15) What is the dress code/appropriate attire?

We have no specific dress code, but we recommend dressy casual.  We recommend asking your organizer since the dress code is left up to each group — attire would be different for a wedding as opposed to a company staff event.  We do recommend wearing layered clothing as the climate on the lake can be unpredictable.

16) Are the boats safe for children and infants?

Yes absolutely. Every year we take thousands of children on board our vessels. We are transport Canada certified and have children’s life vests on board. It’s a great experience that children of all ages can enjoy.

17) I have other questions!

Please give us a call or email us. Our office is open Monday to Friday from 9:00am-5:00pm EST.
Our telephone numbers are: 416.260.6355 or Toll Free: 1.800.267.3866

We have a request for information form which can be filled out with your specific question.
We will do our best to get back to you asap.